Thursday, 22 May 2014

"The Fault In Our Stars"

When I was waiting at the aiport in London to take my plane, I saw in the shop the bestseller "The Fault In Our Stars", a book that has been read by thousands of people and that everyone seems to love. So I bought it there.

The book is about the story of Hazel, a 16 year-old girl with lung cancer that starts going to a Support Group and meets Isaac, who has a tumor in one eye , and Augustus, a friend of his that joined him.
Hazel, who according to her mum does not have a social life because she is always at home, becomes friends with them. That's when Hazel's life changes. She lives new experiences and grows as a person.

I started to read this book last Friday and I finished it on Tuesday. To be honest, I really loved the book and I also cried a lot.

In some weeks the movie is coming out and I truly recommend to read the book before watching it. I cannot wait to watch it !!!!!!!

Ed Sheeran sings the song "All Of The Stars" and it's very beautiful.

Ed Sheeran's song:

Thursday, 15 May 2014

"annie96 is typing..."

Yesterday during the free time at school I saw the whole Twitter was talking about the "annie96 is typing..." story. The following hour I didn't have class so my friend and I decided to search what it was.

"annie is typing..." is an online short chat story that takes around 5 minutes to read. It's about an "horror" story that starts with an introduction of an unknown person that explains he/she saw this conversation on WhatsApp and that he/she saved it, but that when he/she wanted to see it again, it wasn't there anymore.

The chat is between Annie and David McDavey, two teenagers that are having a normal late night talk conversation. At the beginning they talk about Johnny, someone that apparently has "issues". But suddenly Annie, that is home alone all night, sees someone in her garden... And I'd explain the whole story but that wouldn't be nice so I'll just leave the link of the story here:

And in case you don't understand what happened (I think it's an open final), there is this pic that explains a bit what can have happened:

This is what everyone was talking about yesterday on Twitter and got so many views in less than 24 hours. Because I read it with my friend, at class and with all my classmates around, I didn't find it scary at first. I honestly thought people were going too far away saying that it was really scary but then, when I was having dinner approximately at 8pm, I was explaining the story to my mum and my sister and I couldn't even finish to explain it because I was really freaking out of how frightened I was. In addition, I had opened one window that doesn't close properly and I forgot to close it and while I was explaining started to make noise because of the wind. That was really not cool. But the story in general is not that scary, it's only me, I guess. 

Writing a story with a WhatsApp conversation is something no one has done before and I think it's very nice! I really enjoyed reading it. It's a new way and I hope people gets motivated to write more stories like this. Until now I've been reading online stories on Wattpad but not in a WhatsApp conversation.

Spring Break Party

Last Saturday there was 9one of these huge local parties, apparently.This year is the second year this party has been celebrated here, since last year was an epic party and was really well known and they decided to have the party again.

At first when I got told there was this party I said I wasn't going, I just didn't feel like it. All my friends were giong but one of my closest friends didn't know how to come back home and she really wanted tio go so I told her tio sleep over at mine.

When Tania, Léna and I were there we didn't know what to do, but we decided to pay the ticket and take a look what was inside. There were so many people and we were constantly recognizing people that used to come to our school, and that was really nice.

I had had a good feeling, like something good was going to happen and that was actually what happened! We had such an incredible time and great things happened. But apparently there was a fight and the organization told us we had to leave the party. It was only 3:30am and some people were bothered but we all left peacefully.

But at the end I had a super nice time with my closest friends.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is a 15 year-old guy (almost 16) who lives in Toronto. He started to post videos on the Internet singing and in less than two years he has experienced new things and now, during this Summer, he is going to be one of the openers for Austin Mahone in America.

Shawn started to post videos on the Internet, on Youtube and Vine, and then he joined the Magcon group, a teenage group of boys and one girl that have talents like making people laugh or singing. But in the past months some things have happened and Magcon is not the same anymore.

But from Magcon and its tour in the U.S.A., more people started to know about him, especially people from America. He started to post more videos and he is being so happy lately because he is receiving a lot of love and I'm happy because of that. With time, Europe has started to know about him as well and I can tell he is really excited with everything that's going on.

He can sing anything you ask him for, but he likes Ed Sheeran a lot and he makes a lot of covers of his songs. In fact, weeks ago he tweeted he'd like to tour with Ed one day. Crossing fingers he does! I'm pretty sure he'll accomplish it and if he doesn't, I'm sure he'll do something better like having his own tour? Who knows, but his voice is amazing and he is really, really good. 

The first time I listened him was in one of his vines, because in these six seconds videos he sings different songs so many times. I was on Facebook scrolling down and a Vine page posted one of his videos. I even remember tagging my friend telling her to take a look because he really can sing! And weeks later another friend sent me a cover of him and that's when I started to follow him everywhere and support him.

I hope Shawn becomes more famous and that then he can open for Austin if he comes to Europe or for Ed or someone because I really want to see him. Or maybe his own tour! But it also has its negative things because if he is more known then I won't have as many chances as I have now to be noticed by him on Twitter. But I wish him the best so I hope he gets to tour with Ed Sheeran someday!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Educational blogging

Since last year I've been working on my blog at English cloass, which consists in posting essays and tasks. 
To be honest, I really like the educational blogging even though most of my peers hate it and find it useless. I think it's a great way to free yourself in some things and give your opinion about thigns you like, you are interested in, worried about... And in addition it lets the teacher know more about their students. 

I personally think you can learn a lot with this because it makes you think and be a bit creative. It's also useful because to write your posts you need to have a clear structure. But blog posts are prepared at home, which means teachers have no idea what their students do at home, so that's why I think it's kind of important that teachers see what their students are able to do by themselves. With this I mean, when a student prepares his/her post, they can use dictionary and translator, which on the one hand is great because they can learn the words they don't know but on the other hand it keeps them from doing their best-maybe, sometimes.
Besides, if you write and post things in your blog, you have no idea what you've done wrong and you don't know your mistakes because the teacher checks it but doesn't correct it and gives it back to you.

But I still think it has a lot of positive sides. With blogs I can also check my peers' blogs, take a look at them and see their thoughts, such as movie opinions, music taste... And I actually do this quite a lot probably like very single time I go online on my blog.

If I were a teacher I would probably make my students do this as well, but I'd try to find a way to let them know where they have made mistakes so they can know it and not do the same mistake again.

Should teachers wear an uniform or have a dress code?

In the country I'm currently living, in public school it's not necessary to wear an unifrom and to be honest I don't know if that's okay or not, but that's another topic.

In schools like mine, students don't wear uniform and teachers don't either, which is pretty obvious; if they did and we didn't it would be a bit weird... If we don't wear them, then I don't ask them to neither; in case I did and they didn't I would be mad!

I personally don't think it's necessary for teachers to wear uniforms or to have a dress code. We live in a free country -apparently- and they don't need a code that shows they are teachers or something, I think it's useless. Who has them as a teacher then they know their name but for example I don't have my friend's History teacher, why do I want to know his name or something? And, as I can show who I am or how I am with my clothes, theachers are allowed too. We actually can see a lot of things -and wonder even more things- of them by only their looks, and it's kind of interesting. 
In case we wore uniform, then I would want them to wear one special for theachers, but not with a sign of their names, I honestly don't think that's necessary.

Sometimes I think maybe there would be less bullying and judgemental people if we wore uniforms because basically no one can see your style, if you are rich, poor... Everyone is the same. But on the other hand I think it's great to give people the freedom to express their personality with their clothes, so I guess I kind of like our method, even though I don't think I would mind a lot to wear uniform. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mean Girls

This year it's the 10th birthday of Mean Girls, a teenage movie that shows high school life and it's people, like the popular girls, the most handsome football players, the nerds, the ones that don't give a damn about anything... Everyone.

This movie has been very popular and actually a lot of girls have followed the popular girls of the movie's things during these past ten years. These three girls are the coolest girls in the school and they have some rules that for them are really important. Important to the point that if you didn't follow them then they'd say "You can't sit with us". 
Regina, Karen and Gretchen are theese girls and some of their rules are that they wear pink every Wednesday and they always say things like "fetch" and "grool", which means that something is great and cool. 

So since it's been the teenth birthday, my friends and I have been talking about the movie more than the usual and we've started to follow some of their rules too and in addition we've added more things. For example, on Wednesdays we wear pink, like them, but we also wear striped shirts on Mondays and something with a flamenco on Fridays. We say things like "fetch" and "grool" as well! It all sounds so corny but we like to do it so! 

I really love this movie and so my friends do! We all agree it is one of our favourities! In fact, Tania and I have done a quiz to see which character from the movie we are and I got Karen and she got Gretchen! So Angelina is Regina.